Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Download Video SPG Fiesta

Because it's a very different game in each household, the pairings that pit husband and wife sometimes against each other makes for some very interesting sports trivia.

Remember when he called an audible and said he was going out with the boys and if she didn't like it she could just lump it?

Well she did...and as I understand it according to the doctors, the swelling should be down enough tomorrow for him to be able to see out of at least one of his eyes.

Relationships are a joy to behold. Men and women contribute so very much to one another. It's the essence of married life, successful marriages, relief of stress and finances and then finding what will ultimately turn out to be your best friend.

And isn't that what you want out of life, a player on your team that can bring you home on a sacrifice fly...or make a pass right down the middle for a touchdown...volley for your affections in an endless match...or one that tees off and lands on the green without teeing you off.

Of course there's always the concession stand.